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Guram Dolendzhashvili-Alexander Blok / snowstorms Dreams svetlozmeynoy

Look, I messed up all the pages,
While your eyes are blooming.
Large wings snow birds
My mind blizzard swept .......


Wings light Ruskin,
Wall air Spread,
Dolny leave the country.

Veit, sparkling thread
Icicles star, swim,
Blizzard Dolny breath!


In the heart - lung trouble,
In the sky - star of the road,
Srebrosnezhnye palaces.

Dreams snowstorm svetlozmeynoy,
Songs blizzard legkoveynoy,
The eyes of the Virgin Arcane.


And some sadness
From a distance,
And misty tablets
From the ground.
And abandoned in the distance
And some of the Cape
And some over the sea
And rasplesnut between worlds,
Over forgotten feasts -
Cup a long passionate night,
Cup of dark wine.

4.01 1907 A. Block

Quietly withdrew from the room,
Closed the door.

Quiet. Sweet. He did not recall
Do not remember that now.

Blizzard bury the memory,
Forever shut the door.


Sweet in the eyes looked
Eyes like an arrow.

Listen, the wind blows the stars,
Listen, cloudy horses
Stomp star limits
And biting at the bit ...

And under the mask - so peacefully
Blossomed eyes.

Inevitably and quietly
Eyes fell into her eyes.

13.01. 1907 A. Block




                            Art with no signs of the miraculous happens.
Incredibly hard work over every leaf pattern, it creates a truly high art. In the present work the precious quality of art, large and present. Figure born out of a sense of delight in the contemplation of white snow, its immensity, the dazzling light of the mysterious moon.

"My understanding of beauty associated with the quiet, taciturn, rigor and black and white," - said Guram Dolendzhashvili.

Born in Kutaisi (Georgia) March 9, 1943. He graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1968, the course of Professor Lado Grigoliya. Honored Artist of the Republic.

Guram Dolenjashvili

by Vladimir Borovikovsky paintings

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