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Oriental painting a light color imagery of Kam linger open

Kicked off . Inside and outside the hall was full of the news media, the arts and culture as well as dignitaries come here for art lovers and others . Europe , Mr. Yang went to the site , the reception guests, interviews, too busy. But see Europe Yang haircut, Chunfengmanmian , high-spirited , in pink shirt against the background, a face peach , increasingly look younger. In addition to the exhibition site Mr. Yang Zhiguang , there are also famous sculptor Mr. Pan He , a famous writer , Mao Dun Literature Prize winner Mr. Liu Sifen , etc., can be described as Sheng- clouds, high friends full house .


Steven Crane ( left ) , Yang light ( middle ) at the exhibition with the European Ms. Yang ( second from left ) photo

Into the hall, only a sense of refreshing and pleasant , warm and tranquil blowing, neither most vivid painting exhibition , makeup " identical " and " monotonous " , nor did most countries crafted paintings , water ink stained halo " delicate " and " light " , totally not "deja vu " feeling. Ou Yang 's paintings is spectacular , unique , refreshing , away.


The exhibition most attractive "image " word , we know that "image" is used more classical Chinese painting and Chinese poetry ; while Western oil painting of painting , heavy " concrete" , impressionist paintings , then heavy " abstraction . " With Europe , Mr. Yang 's own words : Her imagery oil industry to " concrete" and "abstract" , between "like " and " do not like" between . "Imagery painting" is really a new concept. "Image" , such as " fur ", " Yi" does not exist , "like" adhere to ? It comes from the endless thinking "meaning" just so colorful Health issued "elephant ."

Mr. Au Yeung imagery painting, such as the song reverberates Chhnang , fresh and crisp like poetry, like the chilly mellow wine , people dreamlike, mesmerizing.

Yang 's painting tours Europe , should listen to the song Na Ying : "smoke and mirrors , moon in water , you can tell that the vagaries of the world ...... " "Water Waltz " feels exactly was " unpredictable " , red is a flower ? Green is a leaf ? Rotation curve is a wave or storm ? Despite knowing " hazy " is a kind of beauty, or want to " lend me a pair of eye ", "Let me see these troubles clearly, plainly , genuineness ." Screen such as waltz -like , seems to have been in the rotation, you could not tell that the wind moving leaves , or flowers in the stream , but the whole picture lively rhythm , smooth melody can best be exciting .


Yang 's painting tours Europe , should Faye Wong sings the song: " see smoke rising , twilight cover the earth . Ask bursts of smoke, where are you going ? Sunset is poetic , dusk picturesque ...... " or shallow Yin Du Mu " Yanlong cold moon in the water cage yarn . " "Sunset red" painting is the sunset of the lotus leaf lotus, "Twilight cover the earth " when the faint smoky Hechi , such as every yarn Mochizuki , carved zero Cuiye , folded saffron faintly discernible , evening mist -shrouded , do not with poetic.


Yang 's painting tours Europe , should chant Pi Rixiu of the Franz Marc paintings " unparalleled in the world competing boast brilliant , independent human first incense ." " Aromatic" , very words of the rich beauty of peony . Peony in Chinese traditional painting depicting a massive , but works mostly depict peony meticulous pursuit of the shape , see more, inevitably feel tacky. Europe Western painting peony ( "Golden Age " series ) , informal shape , and even intentionally exaggerated its image and color to render its splendid , noble, while the use of impressionist techniques, a breakthrough in light and color , draw very different with the traditional fresh vivid , brilliant without demon peony come .

by (our paintings for sale )



Yang 's painting tours Europe , should chant Tang Bai little words: " Claustrophobia , fog fog ...... came out as a non- Dreaming little while, and go like asakumo in hunting ." "Flower - Non- flower, mist - non- fog " , giving a sense of uncertainty ; " Dreaming "," asakumo " short and easy to disillusionment , giving the feeling is still elusive . " Passage ", the decline or still growing and uncut lotus leaf , lotus carved zero or Xie , are or will be the crowd, disappeared in the water flow , and our Love, dust will eventually like Stronghold things like blowing in the river of time li . Gone is the trend of life , is the law of the universe , the EU foreign paintings reveal the most simple philosophy. Because you want to die you can swim ? No, ocean pen in Europe , can not find the shadow of decadence , it is because you want to die , so should treat time as gold , vibrant place to live.

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the Paintings

Introduced on a painting assignments from nearly three months, these days the previous exercises little finishing and photographed , think also that to write an experience , or else the process may soon be forgotten bare . Below this picture theme is traveling in France, buy a copy of painting - Claude . Monet 's works , painting is not printed on the name of the copy , find the relevant books and information on the Internet can not be found yet , maybe one day it will suddenly appear instead. The only whichever composition, color is not connected with the copying , the original paintings is a view of the early morning , at dusk personal feeling is present , be regarded as a new attempt and exercises.




Copying assignments above are personal feeling in Van Gogh 's paintings in the " not so strong comparative " one of the works , behind the bridge has been modified pictures quite modern, original paintings compare classical . The following exercises are copying the works of Wang Hui , he was a painter in China , individuals are not familiar with , and he has yet to find related presentations and paintings ( not sure if the same person ) , i like Fabian Perez paintings only know their style a little bit feeling like a modern painting , copying impression was " obviously personal to draw this style a little distance" , is still continued to practice basic skills better.


Today is New Year's Day 1 even fake , life is very full , not only saw the exhibition also painted oil painting, although a few days later there are still many things waiting Leroy Neiman paintings to be processed , but today have felt very happy , well met, I believe enough to get behind A few days full of vitality .

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Migration of text and drawings showing the life experiences of new immigrants to Taiwan sisters invite

you to "Experience ? lives."
Good Shepherd Catholic Foundation Kaohsiung Center today in the "Good Shepherd 100" exhibition organized by the migration story notes for two months (until October 31 (four) only).

This very special exhibition is served by the Good Shepherd Center in Kaohsiung new immigrant sisters, through, writing, painting, to review their decision to marry from Taiwan living in Taiwan's present and future history, and re-experience the life experiences, At the same time you want to "experience ? life" results together with the Taiwan public to share with the people in the community but do not know them the same way, otherwise PROMOTIONS exhibition Oh!


※ Exhibition Time: 9/2 (a) to 10/31 (four) 09:30-17:00 (10:00-12:00 every Friday morning to introduce a personal guide)

※ Venue: Kaohsiung Fengshan Road, Dadong District No. 98 (Shepherd 100)

※ Transportation: Big East MRT Station Exit No. 1 Orange 8 Shuttle Bus ride to and Hing Lane walk about five minutes.


Exhibition concept gift Winnie activities (style random, while supplies last):

n Method one: using a mobile phone at the scene photographed himself with the works exhibited photo, search punch point "Shepherd Foundation Kaohsiung Centre" Upload Facebook punch type "Shepherd Foundation in my experience with them life" after the success of punch Cubs field staff exchange showed.

n Method Two: Fill in the feedback card affixed to the back custom paintings for sale version and inform field staff.

Migration activities Billboard notes punch-S

If people have any questions on the exhibition, but also can contact Edward Henry Potthast paintings Shepherd Foundation Shepherd Foundation Kaohsiung Center Wang workers (07) 719-1450.

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