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Royal lesson. Vladimir Rumyantsev and Leonid Zakharov

In the spring of one scientist cat look at Neve thought up ford
And the dog breed "diver" almost drowned saved.


Once the cat meow could,
Dog, he immediately made ??a vow:
- Believe me, dear savior,
I'm in the river anymore - a foot!
I decided to live on the shore,
As long as I can not swim
Like a swan or a goose ...
And beware the water climb.


The dog surprised:
- How do you become a
Learn to swim without water?




The cat replied:

- I'm so used.
I teach English language
On the banks of living, alas,
Not the Thames, and the native of the Neva.


Once walked two soldiers
Going somewhere somewhere,
Walked past the royal chambers.
Says one soldier:
"Look-ka, Vanya, at the Palace
Not queen eh on the porch? "

And indeed worth the queen -
Chernobrov, white-faced,
In Sable, CHervonnye Zlatev,
In embroidered pearl coat,
Sweet smiling -
Pure beauty!

Between themselves, they interpret:
"Wherever syskat a wife?
Suddenly find God help
Us girls in such odёzhe. "


The king of the talk he heard,
From the palace to the soldiers came:

"What are you, brothers, are not married?"
And zazvali to his chamber.
Ordered his maids
Navara so eggs it.
Placed among the common
Two eggs painted.
Something king, you see, decided -
Choose an egg, they say. What is there to think about?
The point is clear -
Each took a red egg.
The king demanded ago
These eggs are the soldiers,
Took all the eggs -
Eight dozen!
"It will take you to dinner."


Peeling of the royal pen
And a bunch of folded on a plate:
"Now who are different
Their taste or appearance,
At any of its maiden
Allowed to marry. "
Here at the table sat the soldiers,
Almost all ate testicles.

"No, - said one - to taste
I do not presume to distinguish them. "And the second answer, too,
That the testes are all alike,
And find an egg is hardly
The fact that he chose at the beginning.

"That's right! -
And the king has spoken. -
You understand my lesson?
Laundress should dress up
So come down and for the queen.
A queen without odёzhi
On the other girls look like.
So do not open wide their mouths
And remember the eggs,
If suddenly beauty
Very you will enjoy. "
Leonid Zakharov




Artist Vladimir Rumyantsev

by Thomas Kinkade paintings

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