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Petersburg - a city of dreams.


Petersburg - a city of dreams,

That is stuck in the opening of the bridge,

Cradle poets fate,

Pantion for unfulfilled dreams.


It is a place where dreams live

Promise of happiness to you,

Where dreams are waiting for implementation

In the late afternoon and morning mist.

Here Neva inspiration lives.

But lions guard talent here.

Only one secret hail realizes

Who will come to spend the night in the summer garden.



Betrayal - No Turning Back 2001

The symbol of this city - Sphinx -

Secret-town stood on the Neva.

Innermost sense of creativity

Comprehensible only poet soul.

There's always fascinated me as a guest.

Do not get used to its beauty!

In this city with the birth of love.

Them I gates in general that, and created.


Wherever a soul-by Neva

Of sphinxes and lions I loved.

With this I always hail you.

He is the father of all my dreams.

Get lost in the maze of houses,

To understand what channels secret

And comprehended's creation without words,

I verses reducing them to nothing.


In Infinity Bay gone,

To stay with him for you,

And, having tasted the Creation of dreams,

Only here to die with pleasure!

BY Jack Vettriano paintings



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