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Beautiful world

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Beautiful world

This wonderful and wonderful world
A series of photos from the new book by the publishing house Lonely Planet called "Beautiful W Martial Raysse art paintings for sale

orld", where the pictures of the most beautiful and fascinating places on our planet are collected.

Towering above the rocks, yellow pines can be seen in the Bryce Canyon National Park of Utah (USA). Clefts in the rocks are formed when the water freezes and expands, gradually splitting the stone.

Thousands of lanterns rise into the night sky during the Thai festival of Loi Kratong, which takes place every year in November, during the full moon.

Panoramic view of the London parliament building, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge, shot at dusk from the Thames waterfront.

Night New York, view from the Empire State Building.

Hummingbird is enjoying nectar of white flowers in Huntington Beach, California.

Polar lights, photographed in the early morning in the Arctic Circle. A tremendous glow is created by the interaction of charged particles moving quickly from the Sun and the magnetic fields of the Earth.

Dolomites of Italy are among the most impressive mountain landscapes on the planet.

"Towers" of sandstone can be seen on the border of the US states of Arizona and Utah. They were formed as a result of millions of years of erosion. A red shade of the stone gives iron oxide.

Annual migration of sardines in South Africa. Millions of fish are heading north.

View of the waterfalls of the national park of Croatia Plitvice lakes. The park consists of a cascade of lakes, the water in which differs in color - from blue and green to gray.

"Wave" - ​​formation of sandstone on the border of Arizona and Utah. A whimsical game of shapes and colors is the result of erosion work.

These stone towers can be seen in the Chinese national park Zhangjiajie. They also formed as a result of millions of years of erosion.

Geyser Strokkur is located in Iceland. It erupts every 2-6 minutes, releasing water to a height of up to 20 meters.

The Chinese Li River is famous for its crenellated limestone peaks, rugged streams, water buffalo and cormorants.

Chinese rice fields-terraces. These man-made structures make it possible to collect the largest possible rice harvest in the mountainous regions of the country.


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