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DISSIDENTS: As Alexander Ginzburg married Arisha ...


The KGB arrested Alexander Ginzburg five days before his wedding with Arina. Well, purely to make a person pleasant, - taking into account that the wife, according to the law, has the right to a date, and the bride is nobody.


Alexander Ginzburg

The bride was expelled from the Moscow State University, where she taught, and Ginzburg was sent to Mordovia, to Potma, to the notorious 17th camp and two years refused to register them as husband and wife.

Soviet power knew how to be principled. Lawlessness is so lawlessness!

But the political zone also knew how to be principled and the prisoners joined the hunger strike, which Ginzburg announced.

Julius Daniel then wrote:

"It is certainly more expensive than Paris,
The solution of the comparison is clear and simple:
He is worth a mass, and our Arisha
Great is fasting. "



Arina Ginzburg

For his right to marry his Arina, Ukrainian and Lithuanian nationalists, Marxists and monarchists, including the brother-liberal, went hungry and went to concrete bags of penalty isolators.

It lasted twenty-seven days and ... the power retreated.



Wassily Kandinsky paintings



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