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Laurence Ruet My mother gave me a doll ...



My mother gave me a doll,
And how to call it, forgot to say.
- After all, you're not a bear, not a machine ...
Tell me, is your name Irinka?

He is silent and looks surprised.

- No, you, most likely, Alyona!
Marina, Svetochka, Natasha,
Karina, Mashenka il Sasha?

I chose the name for a long time
And she named herself a doll in honor of herself!

Anna Maria Sitnikova












Vladimir Kush Spirit of Beethoven





Maroz Driving universal harmony all sounds, echoes all ...



Spring branches of the soul,
Escape from the ancient tree,
What were they whispering about in silence?
Not again, Eternal Eve,
Naked, rises from the rib
A drowsy first-born of the world,
The innocent child of the ether,
My golden sister?

Leaves and splashes in the palm of your hand,
Marveling at the multi-star beauty,
Drinking the universal harmonies
All sounds, echoes all;
Lisp, frolicking, Hesperides:
"Throw me a golden ball."
And calls to the sea nereids:
"Boil the azure with me."

Vyacheslav Ivanov




It remains 126 days.


Lisa.18 weeks. (Twins)




Celestial Swing


Autumn.His dream.


Everyone has their own stars


Everyone has his own path.


Love without rules.


A woman herself as a rose ..


A humanoid.


Gliding along the moonbeam, along the unsteady silver thread ...



by Pino art for sale


A great ship asks deep waters!

All of us - the ships, burrowing expanses of the boundless ocean under the name "Life".
And it would be good if the name of the liner was no less than "Sovereign of the Seas" (Sovereign of the Seas), and the rainbow always shone above it.
And most importantly - never to have a Ninth Tree! ))
And congratulating you on your birthday, you could say with good reason: "The big ship has a great voyage!" (A great ship asks deep waters!)))

"Lord of the Seas" (Sovereign of the Seas)


From the very moment when a caveman suddenly realized that a tree can swim and not sink, the sea has become an integral part of human history. Starting from hollowed out pie and ending with modern ships with atomic engines, a person did not lose touch with the ships. Until the era of steam engines, it was, in fact, the only way to move goods around the world.

We can safely say that ships are an integral part of civilization. Yes, and as a military tool, they were actively used. With the improvement of the design of the ship, all innovations in maritime history are related, from steam power to construction equipment. Thus, the ships continue to fascinate us, having at times a mystical attraction to itself.


Mikhail Satarov

To imagine the future without them is simply inconceivable. For millennia, mankind has managed to build millions of ships, some of which managed to influence history. Some of the ships became famous for their achievements, while others became a kind of symbol uniting the peoples. All these legends survived the centuries, they will be described below.


Golubev Dmitry. Christopher Columbus ("Nina" and "Santa Maria")

Santa Maria

Santa Maria. Although in length this boat was only about 70 feet (21.4 meters) and, by and large, it was slow and inconspicuous, few people can deny its fame. It was he who brought Christopher Columbus to the New World. Although the traveler and eventually acquired a bad reputation, especially for his brutality as governor of Hispaniola, but, despite all his weaknesses, fame brought him courage. After all, Columbus was not afraid to go into the unknown, having managed to cross the Atlantic as a result of the whole 4 times. Unfortunately, the fragile Santa Maria could not repeat the journey of her captain - she ran aground for Christmas in 1492. Her wood was saved, she was preparing to build a new ship, La Navidad, which means "Christmas", since the crash just happened on that date. The original legendary ship had long since disappeared, but from those at least four copies of Santa Maria were built and all of them could go to sea. Unfortunately, none of them can be called an exact copy, as there are no records about the original design of the ship. This gave the opportunity to create different configurations of the former Santa Maria.


H L Hunley HL Hanley

HL Hanley. This early prototype of the submarine was actually more dangerous for its own fleet crews than for the adversaries. However, it was this ship that started the revolution in naval engineering, the fruits of which we still use. The boat was created by the Confederates in 1863 specifically to flood the ships of the northerners, who blocked a number of ports. The boat made only a few flights, during which 13 crew members were killed, including the creator himself, HL Hunter. The first baptism of fire was scheduled for the evening of February 17, 1864. Few wanted to serve Hanley, so a team of men with suicidal tendencies crept up. To the bow of the ship was attached a peak with a lethal charge attached to it. Captain Dickson chose the target - the steam sloop Khausatonic. The peak was stuck in the rod, the submarine reversed, and the trigger cord caused detonation of the charge. As a result of the explosion, Khausatonic sank, becoming the first ship in history, sunk by a submarine. Unfortunately, the small boat did not return to the dock, sinking for unknown reasons. For 136 years she stayed at the bottom with eight crew members. Only 136 years later in the harbor of Charleston, HL Hanley was discovered and raised in August 2000 with great pomp. The vessel is surprisingly well preserved, today it is stored in a special container. And before the novel by Jules Verne "20 thousand leagues under the water" was a whole 5 years ...


USS Monitor and CSS Virginia

USS "Monitor" and CSS "Virginia" (or "Merrimack"). Let the hour-long battle between these battleships in Hampton, Virginia, and was relatively unattractive and ended in a draw. But this battle is considered one of the most important in the history of the navy. For the first time in a duel two ships, made not of wood, but of iron, descended. The monitor also had the honor of being the first ship with a rotating gun turret. Such a design in the next century changed the direction of construction of ships. Battleship Confederation, Virginia, was built on the basis of the frigate raised from the bottom of the frigate "Merrimak", previously flooded. This determined the confusion with the names. Merrimack was flooded when Norfolk was captured by the Southerners in April 18


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