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Melody hearts Tomasz Rut



My love stretched all the strings

         hearts and gentle harp sounds.

The melody is so clear and wonderful,

         and his voice is very clean and it attracts to itself,

calls to the top in the heavens

         and these notes sound wonderful, I want to

carry your Earth.

         After all, you wonderful creation of the Universe,

and man - the crown of Love.

         It is designed for love and happiness.

He bears the Light and Peace,

         and the quiet voice of the heavenly sound

         hear it and win the heart.

poems STARLAR2011


Blouin Joëlle paintings


Love is calling me in my space !!!

I will answer it and become one with it.

And I'll be in Love and Joy to swim,

and I invite all to yourself.

Filled with light and happiness,

and become quite other.

And all those predictions of misfortunes,

go and melt like smoke.

And will the great and strong,

together always and everywhere.

And yet we change in a moment,

you just believe and let - Love

in your heart and soul.

And the light suddenly lightened, and become

Another man, you are God's creation behold.


Live and rejoice,

Love and dream,

And that sounds in our chest,

All this heart can hold a cup,

It burns, lives, thrills and cheers,

It calls us to exploit forward

Calls and if we go to him obedient,

Find something right path

That my il yours.

And it leads us to the Temple of the Soul

And in eternity .....



Love, space, time ...

The longer we think -

the more you think about it,

faster vanity and idleness escapes.

And I want to love, create and thought race,

through endless layers of worlds

towards pure joy and happiness,

and infinite purity of love ..


Soul singing and enjoying life,

blossoms like a rose in a marvelous garden.

Fragrance, the scent delicate,

heard her radiance and beauty.

A blue and near infinity,

pierces all the joy and grace,

that bring us life and communication eternity

in awe of fire.







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