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Hymn to the beauty. Artist Henry Asencio (Henry Asencio)


Turn and look!




Love, love, your shades

sparkle brighter winter stars

upsetting close dungeons

crazy traps and seriously


play, children play,

MIGU trusting one,

Taking all, everything in the world,

the scenery for it.






inferiority completely

earthly love is sealed,

trail to the high humility

We finally given.


And that given to us by God,

as well as the claim of incomplete

inexpressive in style,

ineffability in dreams.


In contact somehow with the eternal,

creates an invisible nothing

wretched flame heart

realize: "Not that! Not that!"


And, the rush to the coincidence

to the very edge of his soul,

agree only on insight

itself in another. Oh, do not rush


play the three, since the seven - consonance,

when the rules adopted

the beauty edinoluchya

in the unity of type and grain.




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