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Karl Briullov (female portrait)


Undoubtedly, the next picture (until 1822 Brullo) experienced the delight and admiration of those of his contemporaries who falls century only a few people, even in such a large state as Russia was in the XIX century. And the worship of the "Great Karl" as they called KP Bryullova in life merited, consistent with its enormous talent and great diligence. Born in hereditary "artistic" family Karl took his first lessons, as well as his brothers, his father - Paul Brullo, sculptor-decorator. In 1809 he enlisted in the educational school at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academy itself already ends in 1821 with a gold medal. And at all stages of education showed brilliant ability to create masterpieces of the student's skill level for which it was the time to assign the title of Academician
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Karl Pavlovich Briullov
Portrait of Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna and her daughter Maria


Karl Pavlovich Briullov
Portrait of Maria Arkadyevna Beck with her daughter


Briullov Karl Pavlovich Portrait of Countess Julia Samoilova,
moving away from the ball with the adopted daughter Amatsiliey Pachchini


Karl Pavlovich Briullov
Riders (Portrait E.I.Myussara and E.Myussar) 1832 69h51 cm


Karl Pavlovich Briullov Horsewoman


Briullov Karl Pavlovich Portrait of sisters Shishmarev


Karl Pavlovich Briullov O.P.Ferzen on a donkey


Karl Pavlovich Briullov
Portrait of Countess Olga Ivanovna Orlova-Davydova and her daughter Natalia


Karl Pavlovich Briullov
Portrait of children with Volkonskiis arap 1843

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