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Marcos Damascena. Woman? Africa!




Was almost night ............... without warning, on the stage, African dancers.

Words can not convey ............. how they moved, how they were wild, unbridled passion ...

The entire room - literally froze. Men instantly narrowed his eyes and nostrils flared, becoming

to predators in women woke lioness and a panther in the air was thick, musky and some animal atmosphere. The palms were damp, knees involuntarily clenched stomachs ached sweetly, and his throat spasm ...





You smell like musk, concubine savanna

And the skin color of the dark night,

Her resilience shёlkovost and spice -

Tempt and tease the fatal passion.


You sin - danger and desire,

And the night with you - always the last fight,

Hills breasts - that's the edge of the Promised Land,

A juicy womb - a sweet drink.


Always drunk, always ready to love

Stoke the fire in the failure of the eyes.

Did not you have been muzoyu Gumilev?

Not about you eh sad Hemingway?


And it is not about whether raved Gorodnizky

Joking that "the soul of Africa burned?"

* Sandstorm lash cauterize person

To Haskalah heart-hot.


Your love for the many daunting

But I know who to the last days,

Only one Almighty prosili-

Burn in hell desert sheets ...


I saw Africa very different, unique and intriguing. But remember it is a ... free. Passion and inaccessible. These women reminded us all (for some 10 minutes), that this continent - the cradle of mankind. They showed that it so well hidden in the depths of our genes.

The great power of art. The great mystery of Africa ...

Write godochkov in 2005, at the Lodge Serengeti in Tanzania ...

? Copyright: Inna Metel'skii 2011






Marcos Damascena was born in 1981 in Potions Bahia, Sao Paulo, where he began his career as an artist, studying with the biggest names in the visual arts. Lively drawing and model from Luis Alberto, in the Paulista Association of Fine Arts, color theory and anatomy of animals (especially horses) from the master Jorge Abraham Esteves.

"The artist creates, in form and color, scenic rhymes capable of transmitting the fullness of harmony and poetry." - Art Von Lauenstein Massarani.










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