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Migration of text and drawings showing the life experiences of new immigrants to Taiwan sisters invite

you to "Experience ? lives."
Good Shepherd Catholic Foundation Kaohsiung Center today in the "Good Shepherd 100" exhibition organized by the migration story notes for two months (until October 31 (four) only).

This very special exhibition is served by the Good Shepherd Center in Kaohsiung new immigrant sisters, through, writing, painting, to review their decision to marry from Taiwan living in Taiwan's present and future history, and re-experience the life experiences, At the same time you want to "experience ? life" results together with the Taiwan public to share with the people in the community but do not know them the same way, otherwise PROMOTIONS exhibition Oh!


※ Exhibition Time: 9/2 (a) to 10/31 (four) 09:30-17:00 (10:00-12:00 every Friday morning to introduce a personal guide)

※ Venue: Kaohsiung Fengshan Road, Dadong District No. 98 (Shepherd 100)

※ Transportation: Big East MRT Station Exit No. 1 Orange 8 Shuttle Bus ride to and Hing Lane walk about five minutes.


Exhibition concept gift Winnie activities (style random, while supplies last):

n Method one: using a mobile phone at the scene photographed himself with the works exhibited photo, search punch point "Shepherd Foundation Kaohsiung Centre" Upload Facebook punch type "Shepherd Foundation in my experience with them life" after the success of punch Cubs field staff exchange showed.

n Method Two: Fill in the feedback card affixed to the back custom paintings for sale version and inform field staff.

Migration activities Billboard notes punch-S

If people have any questions on the exhibition, but also can contact Edward Henry Potthast paintings Shepherd Foundation Shepherd Foundation Kaohsiung Center Wang workers (07) 719-1450.

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