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Teach you how to identify genuine and fake mink coat

Selection is useful to pay attention to:

1. Smooth matte coat color, surface smooth hair, complete needle Plush Hair; pollution can not be on the other colors. If poor gloss, matte messy hair shaft often brittle and easily broken. Matte discovered pits hands clawed plush checks matt board. The gross surface Shun hair gently push a few, to see whether the hair loss phenomenon by hand. Second, we must pay attention to seams a seamless sewing.
Paper Plate soft, flexible, uniform thickness. Hand rub the leather, to check whether soft.
3. Blow: the mouth fur blowing, to see if there is a lack of hair.

The back 4 equatorial, split ends straight, the length of the same.

4 staining products. Requirements stained uniform, shiny, white paper rub hair Burberry Sunglasses several times to no hair loss phenomenon, no dust, no oil, no smell, no hair removal, non-slip needle, he pushed the hair can not afford to guard hair.

5 predecessor placket drooping naturally straight, not stir not excluded, the next corner does not roll a valgus, dajin and the the bottom lapel length of consistent. Plump chest, shoulder seam location, the length of a consistent height. Pocket position accurately. The symmetrical folded pocket, equatorial.

6 swing seam straight, smooth.

7 clothing elastic fit, sitting position must be well-balanced, not distorted.

8 rabbet various parts of the mouth straight, not bent and exposed turn (anti-spit or pour spit).

Should also be aware of the purchase of raw materials, manufacturers, tanning method. Surface denitrification tanning method, where the smell easily infestation, rat bite, fear of damp and difficult to preserve. If chemical tanning tanning, you can avoid the above phenomenon.

Work to distinguish ""

Quality mink coat in the work is also very particular to distinguish from eight Burberry Tie aspects.

Equatorial shoulder shoulder seam straight, the same width.

Collar upright on the collar, collar round smooth head flattened neck collar symmetrical.

The sleeves quite round hills, eat longitudinal uniform, sleeve seam must be aligned shoulder seam. Smooth sleeves and not ahead or ultra sleeves length, cuff size should be consistent.


Chromaticity design shoes

Popular footwear, in addition to the innovative design, comfortable and soft shoe materials, must match the color should, to the performance of a particular style, creating popular footwear popular with clothing, purses, hats, earrings, belts, etc. close off first, so both footwear and apparel styles with each other to consider between popular color trends. To promote the people's desire to purchase, can be seen, the the chroma after under various conditions are factors deployment, to the performance of the function of the United States. The especially popular footwear styles and color configuration is very important.

The deployment of footwear chroma, is one of the important factors in the design of footwear, the shoes chroma deployment of common sense, nothing more than the color of the vamp style, with the sole part of the color mix. Sometimes uppers and soles color each independent features. Sometimes set off each other, and the shoes style is particularly outstanding.

The footwear color mix, as the seasons are different, as well as the use of different occasions, all decided to mix one of the factors of the chromaticity can be divided into the following color under chroma with the principles of design by footwear.

(A) monochromatic color: the so-called monochromatic color, that is, by a single color composition, the use of more solemn occasions. Such as black, white and other.

(B) contrast color: also known as dichroic color, two kinds of the same series of color tory burch outlet or two different series of colors to match.

(C) gradual color: also known as three-color color color by three same series.

(D) multicolor color: composed by a variety of different series or the same series.

, Season to determine the color rules fairly close relationship: popular styles use color and seasonal conditions must have engaged in footwear design workers engaged in design work and avoid this common sense, the footwear design The work is too complex.

1. Fall and winter seasons: fall and winter footwear design in the color aspects biased in favor of the dark, heavy colors.

2. The spring and summer seasons: spring and summer footwear design biased in favor of the color light.

In terms of color with several seasons of color is to comply with the rules for the general designer: temperature heating and gloss (basic gloss about 5-6 kinds of color), cool, cool colors (off-white series about five kinds), basic series of earthy christian louboutin outlet colors (including the classical standard color, brown, burgundy), the classic summer shades (usually including the Women popular color usual black, dark blue, gray).


Year of the Rabbit lifestyle


Remember the mood welcome the Year of the Tiger, a fraction of the rabbit on the knock on the door. Time than the fast-paced as if we are more a hurry, always flash dies. If you ask me the wish of the Rabbit, that is --- new life happier, more stylish!


Recently participated in women fashion Cosmo magazine held dream of success - the female characters of the Year ceremony. On Sina microblogging, I put one to participate in the photo of the Fashion Festival, a male friend Comments: you sneak into the entertainment! Re: the fashion circle, rather than the entertainment. He asked: What is the difference between fashion circles, and the entertainment? I am speechless ...


Indeed, it opened a fashion magazine, half of all associated with the star. Awards followed the end of all kinds of fashion class receive trophies are dazzling entertainment star. The narrow fashion dress, star standing on the cusp of fashion, surrounded by many luxury brands natural interpretation of the most popular elements and style.


However, my New Year's "fashion" desire not to dress up more modern; but more stylish tory burch outlet flats approach to life. Fashion is in fact a way of life of the times. If your life is to keep up with the pulse of the times, have a positive attitude towards the future of life, you are very stylish. Last year in China's Internet sector is most popular microblogging. The financial friends around me to do a lot, when I mentioned microblogging, they always ask me what new stuff (and even a lot of people even blog I do not know what things), to listen to after I've explained, some people scoff at the no time to engage in this. I understand the state of the busy work, but please do not reject a state-of-the-art communication tools like cell phones and network because it will sooner or later into your life. A friend to open microblogging, I'm still rather surprised, he said that only when a missed Sina stock rose; say I'm old-fashioned people around, I realized the power of microblogging. With a positive attitude towards new things, we would be less sort of regret, a bit more happy and youthful.


I want to see our blog of mostly female friends, women fear most is aging. I spend a lot of time every day skin care, but I'm not afraid of wrinkles, because I know that can not stop the advance of time, can not erase the traces of the years; Because I also know of wrinkles, sagging, spots, etc., does not prevent us to change more beautiful, more wisdom, more stylish. Beauty and fashion are not exclusive to young people, as long as you are willing to keep up with the pace of the times cheap ghd hair straighteners, your body exudes a passion for life, embodied the era of the United States, you are the most stylish people.


My grandmother was young very pretty, is recognized as the beautiful, 88-year-old this year. Over the years, I bought her new clothes she does not wear the grounds that her old clothes have not been worn out; she failed restaurant, the ground is too expensive and compared to a few decades ago; whenever I give her something new to talk about society, she felt Moral Degeneration. Her refused to change the lives of this attitude we are helpless when the children and grandchildren. Iris Barrel Apfel old lady on the map is 88-year-old master of interior decoration, known as the fashion of the United States christian louboutin outlet. No matter where she was the arrival of the total can quickly seize all the light of all the beautiful young women. Daring mix of avant-garde style, runs his own company, and actively participate in social activities, her fashion and beauty for all women to prove nothing to do with age. I must do this grandmother, Iris Barrel Apfel actively encourage my children to face life with the times.


Year of the Rabbit, another step forward in our lives. We can not be younger, we wish our more fashion!