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the Paintings

Introduced on a painting assignments from nearly three months, these days the previous exercises little finishing and photographed , think also that to write an experience , or else the process may soon be forgotten bare . Below this picture theme is traveling in France, buy a copy of painting - Claude . Monet 's works , painting is not printed on the name of the copy , find the relevant books and information on the Internet can not be found yet , maybe one day it will suddenly appear instead. The only whichever composition, color is not connected with the copying , the original paintings is a view of the early morning , at dusk personal feeling is present , be regarded as a new attempt and exercises.




Copying assignments above are personal feeling in Van Gogh 's paintings in the " not so strong comparative " one of the works , behind the bridge has been modified pictures quite modern, original paintings compare classical . The following exercises are copying the works of Wang Hui , he was a painter in China , individuals are not familiar with , and he has yet to find related presentations and paintings ( not sure if the same person ) , i like Fabian Perez paintings only know their style a little bit feeling like a modern painting , copying impression was " obviously personal to draw this style a little distance" , is still continued to practice basic skills better.


Today is New Year's Day 1 even fake , life is very full , not only saw the exhibition also painted oil painting, although a few days later there are still many things waiting Leroy Neiman paintings to be processed , but today have felt very happy , well met, I believe enough to get behind A few days full of vitality .

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