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Teach you how to identify genuine and fake mink coat

Selection is useful to pay attention to:

1. Smooth matte coat color, surface smooth hair, complete needle Plush Hair; pollution can not be on the other colors. If poor gloss, matte messy hair shaft often brittle and easily broken. Matte discovered pits hands clawed plush checks matt board. The gross surface Shun hair gently push a few, to see whether the hair loss phenomenon by hand. Second, we must pay attention to seams a seamless sewing.
Paper Plate soft, flexible, uniform thickness. Hand rub the leather, to check whether soft.
3. Blow: the mouth fur blowing, to see if there is a lack of hair.

The back 4 equatorial, split ends straight, the length of the same.

4 staining products. Requirements stained uniform, shiny, white paper rub hair Burberry Sunglasses several times to no hair loss phenomenon, no dust, no oil, no smell, no hair removal, non-slip needle, he pushed the hair can not afford to guard hair.

5 predecessor placket drooping naturally straight, not stir not excluded, the next corner does not roll a valgus, dajin and the the bottom lapel length of consistent. Plump chest, shoulder seam location, the length of a consistent height. Pocket position accurately. The symmetrical folded pocket, equatorial.

6 swing seam straight, smooth.

7 clothing elastic fit, sitting position must be well-balanced, not distorted.

8 rabbet various parts of the mouth straight, not bent and exposed turn (anti-spit or pour spit).

Should also be aware of the purchase of raw materials, manufacturers, tanning method. Surface denitrification tanning method, where the smell easily infestation, rat bite, fear of damp and difficult to preserve. If chemical tanning tanning, you can avoid the above phenomenon.

Work to distinguish ""

Quality mink coat in the work is also very particular to distinguish from eight Burberry Tie aspects.

Equatorial shoulder shoulder seam straight, the same width.

Collar upright on the collar, collar round smooth head flattened neck collar symmetrical.

The sleeves quite round hills, eat longitudinal uniform, sleeve seam must be aligned shoulder seam. Smooth sleeves and not ahead or ultra sleeves length, cuff size should be consistent.

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