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Zilon Paintings

Dark Montréal alley walls were the first to wear the marks of Zïlon. Nicknamed the “Cocteau of the alleys”, he was a leading figure of the underground punk movement in the 1980s in Montréal. It was a period of turmoil and artistic experimentation, sustained and characterized by a transmutation of disciplines, and a rejection of society's rules. Zïlon has certainly made his mark in visual arts, but also in music and performance art. For over 30 years, his ability to constantly reinvent himself and his great versatility have made him an artist that transcends boundaries and generations. With over fifty exhibitions to his credit, his work has been seen in several major global cities, including New York, Paris and London.

Fusain Big Bro_gale3697_.jpg


Suckey Punch

Suckey Punch

Christian bitch VS Devil Corporation

Zilon TV Head

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