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Wassily Kandinsky

Autumn. Study_291087.jpg

His first paintings were certainly largely executed in an impressionistic manner. Claude Monet made the strongest artistic impression on him.

Later in the "impressions", "improvisations" and "compositions", as he called his paintings, the artist with the same skill uses the principles of impressionism, suprematism and constructivism, while maintaining his own bright and rhythmic decorative

He "drew music", and, experiencing the attractiveness of surrealism, he increasingly introduced biomorphic elements, similar to certain primary organisms, into his paintings - along with the former geometric structures and signs.

Eastern suite (Arabs III)_wa_226.jpg

Black Spot_wa_112.jpg

The dramaturgy of his oil and watercolor paintings is based on the free play of color spots, points, lines, individual symbols (such as a horseman, a boat, a palette, a church dome, etc.).

Couple riding a horse. 1906-1907, Lenbachhaus, Munich

Arab city_wa_299.jpg

In 1910, Kandinsky created the first abstract pictorial improvisations and completed the treatise "On the spiritual in art." Considering the inner spiritual content to be the main thing in art, he believed that it is best expressed through the direct psychophysical effects of pure colorful harmonies and rhythms.

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