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The Magic Violin / Nikolai Gumilev

Tear of the soul on the verge of collapse!
The Magic Violin - Valery Bryusov


Dear boy, you are so cheerful, so bright is your smile,
Do not ask for this happiness, which poisons the worlds,
You do not know, you do not know what this violin is,
What is the dark horror of the game's beginner!

The one who took her once in imperious hands,
He has for ever the serene light of the eyes,
The spirits of hell like to hear these royal sounds,
Wander wild wolves on the road of violinists.

We must eternally sing and weep to these strings, sonorous strings,
Forever there must be a fight, a maddened bow,
And under the sun, and under a blizzard, under a whitening breaker,
And when the west is blazing and when the east is burning.

You will get tired and slow, and for a moment the singing will stop,
And you can not shout, move and sigh, -
Instantly mad wolves in a bloodthirsty frenzy
In the throat they will clench their teeth, stand with their paws on the chest.

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You will understand how viciously all that sang,
In the eyes a belated but authoritative fright appears.
And the dreary mortal cold will surround, like a cloth, a body,
And the bride sobs, and the friend will reflect.

Boy, next! Here you will not find either fun or treasure!
But I see - you laugh, these eyes - two rays.
On, wield a magic violin, look into the eyes of monsters
And die a glorious death, a terrible death of a violinist!

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