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John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose Oil Painting

Modify the feeling is curry toast. I'm relieved.
Painted floor!
This floor is very impressive to draw, first with yellow shaking hook line, and then draw the blue lines of the waves, and finally on the blue and black ha ha ha ha ... ... Huagang view fish that view ... ...
(At the moment the screen appears suspected of the murderer of the shadow ... ...)


John Singer Sargent Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose Oil Painting Reproduction


Small tables and chairs are good ~ small coffee to drink up ~


Haha, and then painted a few people head, draw a small lights, you're done!
(And so on, small lights really small ... ... forget ... ... energy saving for the Earth)


Dad looked and said: there are worse than this little stool Well?
Einstein said that there was something ... just being painted out ...


March 1, 2016 Updated:
These days the mood is excited, because the long winter will be passed.
I heard that the basic respect for the winter is "the cotton sweater shrink in the cotton pants, the cotton pants shrink in the curse."
But there is not a picture depicting the winter always feel sorry. So painted a quiet snow countless Monet teacher decisive bid.


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