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We still have a whole week of summer .... Artist Sakit Mammadov


Here, somehow unnoticed altogether, and only a week of summer ... Before we all know it, but it has already happened. This year, the summer ends Sunday, just like Monday a new life begins. Autumn begins with its Babi summer, then rain, wind, falling leaves, and then comes winter striped with gray - white ... Although, stop ... we still have a whole week of summer. Weeks of the summer - this is a lot, really! You can still do so much to say, to make!



When the mind is open - the colors brighter ....

Day. Us with blue skies smiling sun.
Striped life turned white.
At the same moment, when the beam touches us timidly,
Flung open before us the Universe.

Black and white stripes. Who painted them?
Once we - there is even a shadow of a doubt!
Themselves write the history of fairy tales and fables
And we only depend on the shades of moments.








Artist bright spot his appearance into the world. And the talent of a great artist Sakit Mamedov the best proof - his bright, cheery and bright as nature itself in the hour of its greatest prosperity in the joyful rays of the shining sun, the paintings are a great symbol of these words.




The trees can be free in heaven, then, as the roots - roots deep into the soil. Sakit roots go deep into the native land of Azerbaijan, powerful trunk rests on the vast Russian expanses, and huge heavy branches extend over the whole world! No wonder Sakit likes to repeat the words of his great compatriot Muslim Magomayev "My father - Azerbaijan, and mother - Russian." Perhaps that is why in each interview Sakit said: "I love infinitely Azerbaijan. My native land gives me a powerful boost of energy, which allows to create. Wherever I was, and to do, I do it based on faith, history, culture and traditions of your country. I absolutely Azerbaijani artist of the Russian school. As much as I was pleased to hear in your address words of praise in other countries, my heart lives in Baku. "


In one of his numerous interviews Sakit Mammadov said that his every day spent with love and a smile, leaves a mark on his paintings. As if to confirm this, look at us his amazing paintings - this is a particle of his soul, love of country, nature, life, woman, and everything beautiful.











  Artist Sakit Mammadov, born August 5, 1958, in Azerbaijan, in Neftchala. From 1974 to 1978 he studied at the Azerbaijan State Art School named after Azim Azimzade from which he graduated with honors. From 1978 to 1980, military service. In 1981 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts Repin at the Faculty of Painting, which graduated with honors in 1987. His paintings are in the best museums and galleries in the world, in private collections of famous people.

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