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Eye lens


I saw your eyes different:
When a lull in them when the storm
When they are bright as a summer day,
When they are dark as night shadow
When they are mountain lakes,
From under his brows look transparent look.
I saw them when they were something dreams
When they are hidden long eyelashes,
Laughing seen them used to
Sad, gazing wearily -
Slope above my line ...
They took clarity and peace
My impassive before the eyes -
And I freak sing them for the umpteenth time.

Rasul Gamzatov
photographer Eduard Suleymanov

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English landscape painter Konstantin Yakovlevich


"The Storm is going to" 1885
Oil on canvas. 52.5 x 74.5 cm
The State Tretyakov Gallery


"Forest River" 1909
Oil on canvas
The State Russian Museum


Konstantin Y. Kryzhitsky (17.05.1858-04.04.1911) was born in Kiev in the family of a wealthy merchant. The childhood of the artist took place in his father's mansion on Vladimir Hill - one of the most beautiful places in the city. From the windows of the mezzanine, which was a baby, a magnificent view of the Dnieper River and stretching into the distance green space. These early experiences, of course, reflected in the famous landscape full of air and light, especially in the painting Forest gave.

Kryzhitsky artistic talent was spotted still in high school, but he began to study painting relatively late - at the age of seventeen, when opened in Kiev Public School NI Spine. Do Murashko talented landscape painter and a wonderful teacher, began his art education masters such as Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel, Nikolai Pimonenko. The main teaching was to work with nature. Summer teacher and students spent days sketching - in the picturesque surroundings of Kiev, photographed later Kryzhitsky in such films as "Green Street", "Farm in Little Russia" is going Storm, Night in the Ukraine, "Farm on the Dnieper" and others.


this is from (Stanislav Zhukovsky Paintings)