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Maggie Siner Art

Fanny Nushka Moreaux (Fanny Nushka Moreaux) - a young French artist, was born in 1983 in Lille. Now lives in Paris, prefers to live in Sydney, Australia in the winter. She studied political science at Po and marketing in Paris. But still, the love of creativity prevailed and has been engaged in painting for more than ten years. Fanny is constantly improving his skills. Her teachers were American artist Zawacky from Detroit, who taught her the technical aspects of drawing; Maggie Siner, passing on to her the secrets of mixing colors and her mentor from Paris Hashpa, who teaches her the subtle art of composition and the sensual embodiment of the model. The artist has incorporated all the aesthetics of France. Her airy, ephemeral, inexorably elusive style is combined with bright, dynamic and confident strokes. Nushka paints mainly the female body, she explores in all its forms: faces, busts, fragments of the body ... The artist plays in contrasts, choosing sensual and timeless themes.

Yellow Pears_195.jpg

Woman in White_188.jpg

White Asparagus Up_184.jpg



Pibernet and Tree_158.jpg

Maggie Siner Art for sale


Abraham van Cuylenborch

A grotto with travellers and a sculpture of Bacchus.jpg

A grotto with travellers and a sculpture of Bacchus

A Tomb in a Grotto.jpg

A Tomb in a Grotto

The Raising of Lazarus.jpg

The Raising of Lazarus

Grotto with Figures.jpg

Grotto with Figures



Vincent van Gogh art

A Girl Raking.jpg

A Girl Raking

Cypresses and Two Women.jpg

Cypresses and Two Women

Field with Ploughsman.jpg

Field with Ploughsman

Meadow with Yellow Flowers.jpg

Meadow with Yellow Flowers

Montmartre: Vegetable Gardens.jpg

Montmartre: Vegetable Gardens

Romans Parisiens also known as Still Life with French Novels).jpg

Romans Parisiens (also known as 'Still Life with French Novels')

Still Life with Two Jars and Two Pumpkins.jpg

Still Life with Two Jars and Two Pumpkins

The Entrance of a Belvedere.jpg

The Entrance of a Belvedere

The Garden of the Parsonage with Arbor.jpg

The Garden of the Parsonage with Arbor

Trunk of an Old Yew Tree.jpg

Trunk of an Old Yew Tree

View from Vincents Studio.jpg

View from Vincent's Studio