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The Classification of Oil Paintings

The general sense of the oil painting is divided into three categories: figure painting, landscape painting and still life painting.

(1) figure painting is the life of specific people as the performance object, revealing the specific character of the character and social life style. European religious themes are based on figures. Virgin, Christ and other images are derived from the life of the characters. 15th century, the rise of oil paints, so that artists can more accurately and more vividly character character skin and clothing and light and the atmosphere of the nuances. Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian and other masters of painting masterpieces of work, the real sense, such as its people. 17th century figure painting, the image is more natural, realistic, full of charm. 18th century painting techniques more skilled. From the 19th century to the 20th century, the style of figure painting was diversified.

Figure painting can be divided into portrait, genre painting, historical painting and military painting.

u2460 portraits include head, bust, bust, single portrait, double portrait and group image and so on. By nature, portraits are divided into commemorative portraits, dress portraits, life portraits, self-portraits and so on. Self-portraiture is a common theme for many painters. Dutch portrait master Rembrandt to life as a portrait of their artistic activities, the main goal, and made about seventy pieces of self-portrait.
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u2462 genre painting is the performance of social life, customs and humanities as the theme of painting. Genre paintings drawn from real life, the most likely to cause public resonance. Such as the French Miller's "Gleaner", "night bell" and so on.

u2462 Historical painting mainly displays the meaningful events in the development of human society, including myths and legends, historical stories and meaningful events in modern life. Such as Dong Xiwen's "founding ceremony", David's "Mara's death."

u2463 military painting is the performance of the theme of the works of war. Such as the Spanish painter Velazquez's "Breed of the drop."


(2) landscape painting as an independent genre is the 17th century Dutch painter founded. Prior to this, the description of the scene more to the background of figure painting. The development of oil painting landscape has gone through several stages such as classicalism, realism, impressionism, post impressionism and modern symbolic scenery. French painter Corot, Courbet, Russian painter Leviathan are excellent landscape painter.

(3) still life paintings are drawn from everyday utensils, flowers, fruits, food, and hunting. Painter to write things in love, through the description of the still life reflects the breath of life and characteristics of the times. The earliest paintings can be classified as still life paintings in the Pompeii period of Rome, and as an independent painting began in the 17th century Dutch painting. Art history, on the development of static painting had a significant impact on the artist: Caravaggio, Colnez, Chardin, Manet, Cezanne and so on.